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Whiteboard Video

Working with Al has been superb! I can rely on Al for all things VoiceOver whether it is a video, eLearning, or audiobook project. Al is my one stop shop for high end VOs and I would certainly recommend his partnership to any company in need.

Max Bevan

Nextthought Studios

You're fast! I certainly wasn't expecting it that quick. Thank you so much, it sounds great!

Stacey LaCousiere

Duluth Studio.Co 

"Al was the narrator/producer for my ACX audioboook, 21 WAYS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM, available through audible, amazon, and itunes. I found Al easy to work with and professional." 

--Jan Yager, Ph.D., sociologist/business consultant/author, founder & CEO, Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.

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