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Who is Al Moulliet?

I enjoy the rush of being responsible to my clients, relaying their message and helping them succeed is the highlight of my business. My experience in elearning, local television/ radio ads and animation keeps me excited about my next project. 

                                                                                Whether I'm voicing animation, the latest tool video or the recent safety procedure. Understanding and being responsive to my clients requests is a value that has no boundaries. My mission is to engage, educate and motivate while creating positive results and exceeding the expectations of new and existing clients.. I have made great efforts to keep my clients  and production companies happy. My studio is Source Connect equipped to reduce the amount of effort on their part after my session is complete, and who doesn't like a directed session just to be sure your project is done right.                                   


The results speak for themselves and the organizations that I serve have developed into long standing and trusting creative partnerships, and my commitment to their satisfaction is my standard.

                                                                                    So contact me today to discuss your next voiceover experience.

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